"I wish I had this book as a resource when I was going through cancer. Katrin writes in a clear and understandable way, and her book provides compassionate support and information that would be invaluable to anyone making mastectomy-related decisions."
Comedian Tig Notaro

Flat and Happy

Mastectomy and Flat Closure

A Personal, Practical Guide

The weeks leading up to mastectomy surgery or the removal of an implant are often filled with scary statistics and bewildering medical jargon.

For a woman navigating this tumultuous time, Flat and Happy is like a conversation with a good friend who’s been there and done all the research: informative, personal and brimming with humor and heart. Written in consultation with experienced breast cancer specialists, this comprehensive guide is hailed as a “unique and invaluable resource for any woman faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer.” Flat and Happy gives women who are seeking an alternative to breast reconstruction the information and tools they need to make informed decisions and to advocate for themselves before and after surgery.